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Get motivated by the process, not the result

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

I passed my second-degree black belt test!

It’s been a 10 year journey (so far) and after 3 years of on and off practice and 7 months of consistent and focused practice, it is a great feeling of accomplishment and relief.

Reflecting on this achievement I’m reminded that there were times when I wondered about my desire, will, and capacity to learn more kata’s and continue on this journey. While I had a clear reason and goal to obtain my first degree black belt, which was to build a fitness routine and to use this activity as a shared experience with my children, training for my second degree wasn’t part of the original plan or vision. I knew that there was endless new curriculum to learn, and still loads of room for improvement on the curriculum that I already worked on, I still had to ask myself if I wanted to continue down this path. In addition, training during the pandemic didn’t help, and actually created additional barriers for establishing a consistent practice.

Getting motivated by the process and not the result helped me step up my training over the last 7 months. I focused on the micro-learnings and the micro-experiences that happened every time I showed up for class, such as an encouraging word from my sensei or noticing that my stamina was improving. This helped me to stick with it on days when I felt like I was starting all over again. My practice continued to be one of building confidence in myself, and giving myself grace and ease to learn and grow at my own pace.

This journey has been more fun due to the support of my family and dojo friends.

Thanks to my family who encouraged me on days when I was ready to throw in the towel. A special thanks to my son Marcus and daughter Jasmine who are my karate tutors (when they can fit me into their busy schedules!) and role models at the dojo. You both make me a proud mama!

Thanks to my fellow dojo moms (and dads) who get me to class, who are great partners on the mat, and who inspire me with their skill and enthusiasm.

Thanks to Northern Karate Markham for creating a welcoming environment where anyone can unlock their potential.


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