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Five quick questions that answer the question – What am I up to?

This blog is a little different. I recently reached out to my blog subscribers list and asked them if they wanted to resubscribe and continue to receive email notifications from me. One of my favourite people Anqi Shen, promptly replied yes, and shared that she is interested in learning what I've been up to. So this blog is for Anqi and my other followers who are curious about what I’m up to these days. By the way, if you like my blog and would like to receive a notification as soon as one goes live, all you have to do is subscribe.

What am I up to?

1. How would you describe 2023 so far?

“A work in progress” and the good news is that I am seeing progress. In my personal life, my family and I are trying to build back good habits that we lost either during the height of the pandemic or in the last year, such as reducing screen time, increasing quality time together, more home-cooked meals, and regular physical activity, to name a few. In my consulting practice, I feel like I have found my stride with my work, or at least I’m getting closer. I’m currently enjoying my service offerings which cover three main areas:

  1. Working with boards to help kick-start, activate or accelerate their equity and anti racism practice

  2. Coaching leaders and teams to embed and integrate equity and anti racism practice in the workplace or as part of community engagement

  3. Offering training and awareness building regarding Intersectional Gender Based Analysis

I still have a long list of goals and to dos both personally and professionally, and I’m hopeful that more progress will be made over the next few months.

2. What is bringing you joy?

Planning for my spring vacation. I remember reading somewhere that planning for a vacation is almost part of the vacation because you begin to envision yourself away. For me, I’ve been seeing myself on white sand beaches, hiking in the rainforest, and visiting some local craft markets. I’m still planning, so no concrete plans to share yet, but it is definitely bringing me joy.

3. What are you currently grappling with?

I feel like I am at a bit of a crossroads with my karate practice. It’s been 10 years since I first stepped on the dojo floor. In 2019 I reached my goal of getting my blackbelt. My practice took a big hit during the pandemic, I just wasn’t motivated to keep up my practice at home and hence I lost a lot of strength, muscle memory, and regular memory related to my katas. My class participation has been on and off for the last two years and while I should have tested for my second degree blackbelt over a year ago, I just don’t feel like I’m ready and I have not put my 100% into it in order to get ready. Although I am now a candidate for testing, I have even asked myself, do I want this next designation? So I am at a crossroads, is it time for me to try something new? Or, should I get rid of my excuses and put my 101% into it and get it done? I’m still working this out so stay tuned.

4. What’s your favourite song?

For those of you that know me well or have attended one of my learning sessions, you know that I love music and that I use it to shift my moods. It is so hard to pick just one song. Lately, I’ve been listening to Carnival 2023 soca, Beyoncé, and Samara Joy. The song that I crank up most in the car is Meghan Trainor’s Made You Look – an instant mood booster for me.

5. What is one piece of advice that you would like to share with your readers?

As I write this it is the last day of February and Black History/Futures Month. I was honoured to have been invited to speak to staff at the Barbara Schlifer Clinic and Ontario Financing Authority during their Black History Month events, and I shared my thoughts about how we can all recommit to our equity and anti racism practice. Engaging in BHM events can help us to continue our learning and deepen our understanding of the impacts of colonialism, and the lived experiences of Black people and to re-engage in behaviours that address and interrupt systemic racism. Taking the time to reflect, celebrate, or to be inspired by the accomplishments of Black people, can be a meaningful way to build motivation and action for the months ahead. My advice – find what works for you in terms of prioritizing your anti racism work, what can you do to “keep the kettle hot” in your inclusion and equity practice?

Wishing everyone a wonderful March 2023!



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