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Along with this new website comes this new blog

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

I’m officially blogging and sharing my reflections, thoughts, and musings on questions that I get asked about the most, and subjects that excite, fascinate, challenge and provoke me. This blog is going to be about what gets me up in the morning, and what I see, hear and think about during the day.

My motivation or “my why” can be summed up in three points:

1. Recognizing that there is plenty of work to do to create equitable opportunities, practices and spaces. I want to contribute to more equitable and inclusive communities and organizations so that my children and others don’t have to second guess their worth or feel that sting of discrimination and exclusion.

2. Knowing that my lived experience, knowledge and approach to complex issues can enhance the capacity of non-profits, grassroots organizations, foundations, and others on their journey towards more equitable and inclusive practices.

3. Understanding the power of storytelling and knowing that by sharing my personal stories of failures, lessons learned and successes, I can inspire, motivate and possibly change the perspectives of others.

You can expect to hear my thoughts on issues related to gender equity, intersectionality, people-centred program design, and community economic development. In addition, I will be sharing advice and effective practices related to philanthropy, participatory research and practices, meaningful stakeholder engagement, grant making and grant writing, women’s participation in the workforce, poverty reduction strategies and much more.

I plan on using this blog as a knowledge mobilization tool, so in addition to sharing both professional and personal stories, I will provide tools, resources, and connections to others who are working towards similar goals.

I’ll also be reflecting on how my pursuit of a black belt in karate mirrors my entrepreneurial journey and relates to other aspects of my life. You can check out my first blog in that series here.

Stick around and join me on my mission to create a world paved with equitable opportunities fairness, accessibility, and prosperity for all.


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