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Chanel Grenaway & Associates Inc. is committed to helping leaders, staff teams, and boards stay relevant and aligned with their anti-racism and inclusion goals through continuous learning and practice change. I specialize in facilitating conversations about racial and gender equity, and support community engagement processes, gender-based analysis, and strategic planning initiatives. Whether you need help with the designing, planning, or launching of a program, I’ll guide you from start to finish – applying a collaborative and inclusive approach.

Here's How I Can Help

  • Facilitate participatory meetings, focus groups, and learning sessions to gather community input

  • Offer leadership training and coaching on building community trust and a deeper understanding of diverse communities and groups

  • Co-create processes that engage and amplify the voices and experiences of equity deserving and under-represented groups


  • Offer a series of learning sessions focused on: Equity Centred Leadership, Anti-Black Racism, and Holding Space for Conversations about Race and Racism

  • Conduct equity focused organizational assessments and facilitate learning opportunities for leaders, staff and boards 

  • Support organizations to design equity based action plans and strategies

equity, inclusion and anti-racism

  • Co-create and implement gender-based intersectional strategies for new or existing initiatives

  • Collaborate and support gender analysis assessments and provide training, skills building and practice integration coaching to leaders, staff teams and boards 

  • Support organizations to design intersectional gender based action plans and strategies

intersectional gender-based analysis

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