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Chanel Grenaway and Associates Inc.

We are all about creating equitable opportunities, strong collaborations and meaningful impact.

"Chanel's positive energy is very infectious and inspiring, she makes me want to do better." -Client Feedback

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Adding value and creating impact

Many non-profits, foundations, grassroots organizations and agency leaders strive to create equitable, inclusive communities and opportunities that allow all people to prosper. Unfortunately, this critical mission is often undermined by a lack of resources, competing demands, and heavy workloads that shift the focus away from what truly matters.  If you want to create equitable programs, deliver  accelerate your mission and goals, and take action that leads to positive impact, Chanel Grenaway & Associates Inc. can help.

Our vision is simple

To create a better world paved with equity, opportunity and prosperity for all. Whether you need guidance on your program design, want to build your organization’s capacity to engage under-represented groups, or improve your social justice campaigns and movements, we can help –

using our 15+ years of experience to help you achieve your goals.

Our Results (1).gif

Leaders, board members, staff, and youth engaged in facilitated conversations about systemic racism and anti Black racism

​15 Research and evaluation projects that resulted in informed decision-making and program enhancements for non-profit organizations


Women leaders supported in the implementation of a national women’s leadership development institute for emerging non-profit leaders 

Designed and managed 12 national and regional networking and skills building conferences 

What My Clients Say

Chanel took an often seen heavy set of topics and made them accessible. The approach gave space to introduce a concept or idea, contextualize, reflect and discuss. The tools/methods used, starting from wonderfully diverse musical playlist as a welcome into sessions, the very personal and heartfelt land acknowledgement each day, use of just right pre-read content and reflective questions, and the use of breakouts and synthesis discussions after made for welcoming and impactful training. 

Riz Ibrahim, Executive Director, CERIC

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