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Dreaming as a practice

As I write this blog it’s July 2, 2024. Today is the 183rd day of the year (184th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar, marking the year's midpoint.

This past May I attended the Ontario NonProfit Network’s (ONN) Conference and a running theme was individual and collective dreaming. As a network organization their call to action for the sector was to "help us dream about the future together." In the opening plenary, Cathy Taylor, Lawson Foundation’s President & CEO asked the audience, how many of you take the time to dream on a regular basis? 

Reflecting on my experience at the Canadian Women’s Foundation, our team often pondered a similar question, how do we create space for thinking, reflecting, and sharing. We understood then, as we do now, that observing our thoughts, feelings, and actions provides valuable feedback and insights that can alter perspectives and behaviours. Knowing the benefits of pausing and reflecting however, and actually doing it are two different things. In our fast paced and ever changing work environments, stopping doesn’t seem like an option. Indeed, in speaking to peers at the ONN Conference, many of us admitted to our go-go-go behaviours and the fact that we don’t create enough space for dreaming.   

Dreaming as a practice

ONN Conference Photographer

I’ve learned that there is no one way of reflecting or dreaming, and there is no singular solution or response to the question of “how do we do it”, but building a reflective practice or a dreaming practice can help. For me, dreaming is seasonal. At times, I draw inspiration from the changing seasons, other times from transitioning into a new quarter, and occasionally from moments like today, the year's midpoint.

It’s actually a privilege and a blessing to have the space and time to reflect. Recognizing this, I give myself the gift of space to do a personal check-in, review my professional aspirations, reflect on the blessings I have, or look for inspiration around me. The added bonus is that this gift, gives back. I often feel a sense of calm, renewed energy, and a boost of motivation after a dreaming/ reflective session. Ready to move into what’s next. 

What are you reflecting on as you move into the latter half of this year?

Happy midyear 2024, and happy dreaming. 


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