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Our experiences span several sectors and issues including: equity and systemic racism, women’s economic development, poverty reduction, convening of diverse stakeholders, diversity, equity and inclusion, gender equity, youth employment, women's leadership and non-profit capacity building.  Driven by results, we strive to empower and embolden the Executive Directors, social change leaders and non-profit staff that we work with.  We work hard to make meaningful connections, share knowledge, skills, networks, and resources every step of the way – building the capacity and skillsets of everyone involved.  

Canadian Women’s Foundation


As Director of Economic Development at the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Chanel managed multi-year funding initiatives focused on women’s pre-apprenticeships programs, entrepreneurship, and social enterprises. These result in positive social and economic change for low income women across Canada. Chanel also contributed to partnership development, fundraising campaigns, and successful stakeholder engagement strategies. She provided both strategic and operational guidance for the launch of the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Leadership Institute, supporting the leadership development of 75 emerging leaders. Chanel also developed and designed 10+ National and Regional Skills Institutes promoting sharing of knowledge, effective practices, joint learning, and networking opportunities. She also supported multi-year learning and evaluation strategies using the Sustainable Livelihoods framework.

United Way Greater Toronto

United Way Greater Toronto.png

Chanel Grenaway and Associates have successfully completed 3 comprehensive reports for the United Way Greater Toronto (UWGT): An Environmental Scan, Program Review, and Literature Review. This work empowered UWGT to share program learnings and recommendations with their partners and stakeholders, informed their decision-making and influenced their strategic planning processes. UWGT staff also strengthened their understanding of the barriers and untapped opportunities faced by their beneficiaries and funded agencies.

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Ontario Non-Profit Network 

Successfully assisting the Ontario Non-Profit Network (and their Advisory Committee) to apply a gender-based intersectional lens to their 3-year “Decent Work for Women” project.  Advising on GBA+ processes, participatory research, learning circles and contributing to project planning and implementation.

City of Toronto_edited.jpg

City of Toronto’s “Confronting Anti-Black Racism” unit

Chanel supported the City of Toronto’s “Confronting Anti-Black Racismunit, as a Process Facilitator -- prioritizing activities and work planning and convening focus groups and meetings with community leaders.


Scarborough Women’s Center

Guiding the evaluation, learning, and GBA+ components of Scarborough Women’s Center’s 3-year “Improving the Economic Security of Women with Disabilities” project.  Advising on learning and evaluation components, GBA+ processes, focus groups and related project activities


Korean Canadian Women’s Association

The team also delivered a learning and evaluation report, “Champions of Youth,” for the Korean Canadian Women’s Association’s newly launched program. They appreciated support in the creation of a useful and informative final report, along with the skills-building and collaborative process.

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