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What We Do

We specialize in facilitating conversations about equity, race and anti racism. We offer advice and support community engagement, intersectional gender-based analysis, research and program evaluation, collaborative funding models and strategic planning initiatives.

Chanel Grenaway & Associates Inc. is committed to helping its clients stay relevant and meaningful through continuous learning and enhancement. We bring different perspectives and an external view to issues, co-creating feasible recommendations to enhance the impact of your work. Whether you need help with the designing, planning, or launching of a program, we’ll guide you from start to finish and beyond – applying a collaborative, engaging, and inclusive approach.

“Chanel and I worked together at Canadian Women’s Foundation for nearly 15 years. She is a gifted and effective facilitator, and an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker. She has deep knowledge of diversity, the challenges faced by women and girls, and what it takes to help them thrive. She brings her extensive experience in program design, grant making, evaluation, and leadership to all she does. And she is a pleasure to work with!

I highly recommend her.”  

Beverley Wybrow, C.M., Retired CEO, Canadian Women’s Foundation

Program Reviews & Community Engagement

  • Conduct program reviews aimed at enhancing participation, design and impact

  • Facilitate participatory meetings, focus groups, and learning sessions to gather stakeholder input

  • Conduct research, environmental scans and case studies to inform planning and decision-making

  • Create processes that amplify the voices and experiences of under-represented groups

Equity and Anti Racism/Anti Oppression Facilitator

  • Offer a series of learning sessions focused on: Equitable Leadership, Systemic Racism, Anti Black Racism, Intersectionality, and Holding Space for Conversations about Race and Racism

  • Conduct equity focused organizational assessments and provide learning and awareness building options for leaders, staff and boards 

  • Support organizations to design equity based action plans and strategies 

Intersectional Gender-Based Analysis

  • Implement gender-based intersectional strategies for new or existing initiatives

  • Find the right strategies to overcome program barriers and promote inclusion

  • Use a “gender + intersectional lens” to review project results framework, performance measurement, and communication plans

Co-design customized solutions to meet your specific needs

We see and do things differently, truly partnering and collaborating with clients to shape customized, case-by-case solutions. We carefully analyze each client situation, outlining where they are now, where they need to be, and what incremental changes can get you there.  Would love to connect and learn more about your specific needs!

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Chanel Grenaway and Associates Inc.


York Region, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada and beyond...

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