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About Me


Hi, I’m Chanel and I’m all about contributing to a vibrant non-profit sector that embodies the ideals of equity, inclusion and prosperity for all. With over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector, I’ve been blessed to work with great teams and manage multi-year projects aimed at:

  • Poverty reduction through skills development, employment and self-employment

  • Creating equitable access, processes and wrap around supports for unrepresented populations

  • Strengthening organizational capacity and leadership in the non-profit sector

  • Increasing philanthropy and movements that support women living on low incomes, racialized women, immigrant and refugee women and Indigenous women

My mission is to amplify the voices of unrepresented individuals and contribute to equality in every regard and across every sector. From advising organizations on decision-making and program-planning to helping leaders apply gender-based intersectional analysis into all stages of their work, everything I do is rooted in my passion for giving those most vulnerable, access to opportunities and a chance to realize their full potential.


As a Consultant, I collaborate and partner with a robust team of like-minded, experienced and competent associates, bringing them on projects as needed.  I’m a captivating communicator, board-member, mom, and karate enthusiast. You can learn more about my expertise, adventures, and passions in my blog.

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